A Divorce Settlement without having had a Marriage Ceremony?!

Union Flag and EU flag

Back in the 70s the continent of Europe was looking at creating a trading bloc to make trade easier within Europe and to build more credence with trade around the world. Ideal situation we’d hope.

However the EEC (European Economic Community) as it was originally known was given to the Citizens of Europe without asking their permission. Leaders went ahead and signed the agreement without a by or leave and concern to their fellow countrymen. No one asked the right people, for the permission of the hand in marriage. How can the EU, now a vast difference to its original form, ask for a divorce settlement when there was no marriage ceremony?

It is now just a vast expensive club. Like most clubs, you pay annual membership. If you  leave, you pay nothing. If you had promised to pay for something for the club (eg sports equipment), no one would necessarily expect you to pay for the equipment you will not now be using.The EU should have used our money as it came in. No one can tell what the future holds. They are trying to hold us to things we have apparently signed up to. No one knew we would vote to leave. Can they hold us to it?

The EU is run by unelected and in some case incapapble politicians who know nothing about the countries they are wanting to control. They don’t give a damn for the culture or way of life that has been lived in each country for centuries. They like to think they care. Its obvious they have an ulterior motive.

The Lisbon Treaty is in essence a joke. Mr Juncker, said article 50 should be instigated immediately after our referendum. However he did not seem to hve read the articles before or after. He asid there was no going back after it had been triggered. Not true. THey are hoping we change our minds now, A sudden change in attitude but they are still trying to give a tough no nonsencse impression. They are scared. He [Juncker] was so keen to teach us a lesson (and he still is – to tell us how stupid we are). Who is the stupid one? Ireland voted to not verify the treaty through a referendum. Yet the EU in their dictatorial manner told Ireland they had voted incorrectly. So much for Democracy! The EU then offered various carrots to Ireland to re-vote. What a surprise Ireland had another referendum that verified the treaty!!

We are/were the third largest contributor to the EU. France and Germany who controlled it for their own benefit were the largest. Therefore we were carrying everyone else and paying in effect for their membership so they cold get the benefits of club membership without paying the full subs. A bit like France did with NATO. Actually, what is the reason for them to want a divorce type settlement? They have not had their accounts verified for over 10 years and mre. If they were a company, they would be out of business or at least bankrupt. They are I suspect covering up their ownshort comings. Diverting publicity from their own issues which are plenty. Hiding under the type of organisation they have created that they think is a solid world power.

Brexit is a strange experession. It can’t be used if other countries decide to leave. Or can it – as we have possibly set the presedent?

The benefits have not been as cushy to us as other countries have found. Straight bananas, and being ordered to take in illegal immigrants from places like Sangatte in France. Why should we suffer other countries failings like border controls being taken down and not giving a damn about illegal immigrants making ways across Europe. Citizens from other countries  would have been arrested for illegal entry if they didn’t have the right visas. Are the EU scared of the countries these illegal people are coming from? Doing what they think is the right thing has come and bitten them severely in the backside. So much for being dictators to everyone. Look what happened to last lot of dictators!!!

The EU bosses are scared of us leaving because of our contribution and because they realised we have also uncovered their back door approach to a European Superstate. Weirdly not spoken about much. They do not want other countries to do the same as us. Kept under wraps conveneiently for them, there is a conversation that was recorded with Mr Junker saying his aim is a European Superstate.  Like MPs in Westminster, the EU bosses and MEPs are out for their own glory along with th  huge salaries and bonuses. They are panicking they ave been discovered. BUt like a lot of things now adays th truth hurts and is not allowed to be spoken about. ITs not politically corroect or someone might get upset. Oh look, someone is upset!!

I found it interesting that there was a meeting in Europe for those countries that are remaining in the EU and we were not invited, yet we are still a member.  Very suspicious. Blatant victimisation? Whay were we not invited WE still pay our membership and they want money when we leave. We should still hae the perks of memebership like attending meeting concerning Europe. We have not left yet. Jumping the gun I thnk the EU powers that be and making a mistake. What did those MPs think were doing, – Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon and Tim Farron when they went to Brussels without any real reason to discuss the future of Britain and the EU and without permssion in effect from the Governemnt. Interferring idiots.

The EU has 2 HQs – Brussels and Strasbourg. It uses them sparingly during the year. Not sure why they need 2 places. Other countries only have 1 place of Government. The Strasburhg building took Millions of Euros to build. They did not explain why they use it on so few occasions.

The Euro is another tie down. Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal are suffering. After threatening to not lend Greece any more money, the EU are doing exactly that. They have no backbone or gumption to carry out this threat.

My own thoughts on the future of the EU:

It will not work in the manner that Junker and his cronies would like. Too many countries have their own identity and cultures. I like the variety personally . That is what makes Europe such a place. But bringing in and enforcing some aspects of some countries to others, is never going to work. Why should we all live in the big country with different languages?

The US A started off as a country with 13 different states. They ended up with 50. They had not had time to create their own cultures unlike Europe. So anyone saying a superstate works like the US. It won’t. The Soviet Union is possibly the best example of a superstate when took over and ruled well established countries and tried to instill its own form of government and laws. It failed spectacularly in the end as we all know.

A way of looking at bringing in different ideas and to how it will work (or not) is to think of US management consultants in the 70s, 80s and early 90s in particular. US working practices would not and did no work in the UK. Many companies went under or were sold at a loss thanks to these highly paid ‘experts’.

Watch this space. The truth is hurting the EU and Europe and it is slowly unravelling its true colours.




‘Is This the Right Aircraft to….?’



I have recently started work at a certain airport in southern England. It’s an eye opener as the characters of staff and passengers you have working or passing through.

Everyday is a fashion show with the clothes worn by passengers as they traipse down the gates for their flights to somewhere exotic or home, or business. Whatever it may be. Hen and stag do’s are the wackiest although there are a couple of lone travellers who would not look out of pace on a stag or hen do with what has been seen

I digress from what I was going to write about.

It seems to me, dress code apart, passengers its seems, lose their confidence and brains when they enter an airport.

As soon as they enter the terminal building, they are like jelly, putty or miserable and it has been known aggressive. My piece here will deal with a jelly like brain and lack of confidence. It is not intended in any way to be a piss taker, but some stories I will recite are very funny – ridiculous in fact but true. I hope this makes people think and ensure they arrive on time at their gate

A certain low-cost airline as do others at the airport in question, operate a WIWO policy – Walk in – Walk Out of the aircraft. The aim is to speed the disembarking and boarding of an aircraft when required – returning from a flight and going out on one namely!

When the passengers check in and make their way to the boarding gate, this is where the big problems show. Each flight has a limited time for passengers to board before actual push back of the aircraft. It is around 20 minutes before aircraft is pushed back that the gate closes, not allowing more passengers to board. With this passengers have an attitude.

GatesOh I have paid for my ticket so they won’t unload me!!’ – Oh really! Why should the airline hold up the hundred plus passengers who are already on board and who made it on time? Just because you have not bothered to make the gate on time or spent too long in Duty Free or even the bar! What a selfish attitude. Priorities go out the window for many passengers. Duty Free or my flight? Oh what a quandary!!

With the WIWO loading, there is cut off between front and back loading passengers. Generally it is around rows/seats 1-14 at the front and 15 onwards are to the rear. This of course can include going out side where the front loading passengers generally going through an enclosed jetty. Understandable reticence if the weather is not conducive for the passengers to not ‘own up’ to being in the rear half of the aircraft.

There is however an issue with basic numeracy, even A level maths students are prone to not knowing what numbers are after 15!! So when they are told – ‘Seats 15 and above at the back’, one is asked ‘does that include 22?’ etc? Errr yes, of course it does!!!

If it is outside, other questions come to the fore. The favourite seems to be ‘Which set of steps are for…Alicante?’ When viewing the aircraft from outside, there are 2 sets of steps on a remote stand but with a jetty stand there is one – at the back. The Jetty has steps coming from it so people seem to get confused. However the steps and jetty are attached to the same aircraft depending on the stands themselves. The aircraft is not like a train and so will not separate in half. The back will go to the same place as the front and at the same time.

Another question is, ‘Is this the plane to…Bodrum?’ A worthy question, but when you consider what the passenger has been through, Check-in, security, boarding gate, one would as with the previous issue think they should by now know they have come to the correct gate and aircraft. Admittedly a small number slip through.

The particular airline in question operates a policy of one piece of hand luggage per passenger, unless you have paid extra for  speedy boarding. This allows another piece of hand luggage and priority boarding, as long as you turn up early enough at the gate. The one piece of hand luggage is one bag (small wheelie or rucksack etc). Handbags etc are classed as another piece. Your boarding pass (certainly if printed out from the website) does state this but again passengers fail to read it. They are then shocked when asked to combine the hand luggage into one.

If the bags cannot be combined, they are put in the aircraft hold at a cost to the passenger. Ignorance is not an excuse. However, depending on the aircraft used, there is a limit on overhead locker space. This is worked out using the ICAO bag dimensions. Not all bags will match exactly so its on average. It would take too long to measure every bag on every flight. So on average an Airbus A319 allows 55 bags before more are sent to the hold. In an Airbus A320 its 65 before hold bags are taken. This is free to passengers. There is no charge.

Another thing passengers forget to consider is if they require assistance. This is invariably a wheelchair. They tend to forget this on their flight to airport. Wen you meet the aircraft, and the door opens, the cabin manager tells you where they have arrived from, how many passengers and ‘specials’ on board. There is a delay as those who have booked special assistance are off loaded. This can include a high loader that rises up to the opposite door. Especially if the passengers particular trouble walking and would not be able to walk up the jetty or down the stairs. Those who haven’t booked will tend to have to wait longer as the assistance is generally elsewhere as no one knew about the particular passenger in question.Some people seem to think they should be given priority even if no one is aware of them. This request can be sent on down the line from the outbound flight ops.

Have a good flight next time you go flying with an airline. Be on time to the gate and read the luggage requirements to minimise the delay of your flight. Book special assistance if required.